Where am I coming from? where am I going?

My knowledge of how the body works and its connection to a state of wellbeing, emotion, expressiveness and self control, I have developed thanks to dance-theatre and circus-performance, two disciplines that I have learnt and continue to learn. I have brought to this learning my own experiences and feelings that has allow me to fashion a system that all these years later I am trying to share.

I started my studies in Bilbao with dance and theatre. My desire to grow and my curiosity for new techniques and disciplines guided my steps to London. I arrived there to continue my training in musical theatre and later trapeze.

Dance, theatre, singing and circus skills showed me how to work with my body from a pedagological point of view. Each of these areas brought to me fresh knowledge of how I moved, felt…All these have been my basic source of personal and professional growth.

It’s always been clear to me that this diverse set of learning about the human body would serve me to share and help others to plum their own depths, and from there they would be able to improve that which until that moment they were not able to control. This is perhaps the principal aspect of everything that I teach. You can only improve what you control.

I am still learning, from within and from my clients. I teach them and they teach me. A symbiotic relationship thank to the range of techniques I employ: Pilates, Gyrotonic ® and Structural Integration. I normally work on a one to one basis although sometimes I teach Pilates Mat group classes. I give each person room to move more efficiently and with less pain, in case of people with injuries, or how to save energy in movement in actors, dancers or circus performers.

All these range of techniques have a similar aim; to benefit the client’s wellbeing as each needs.

I would like to call it Posture Development through Movement although at times I use a more hands on approach in order to get a bit further.

Once I started my professional carrier working with the human body, I am always prepared to learn. I like to keep up to date with emerging thought. It is a fascinating world where there are always new opportunities.

Enjoy and re-discover your body!